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For the most part, I have been self‐taught in web design and social media, starting in this field before it was a recognized profession, but I take every opportunity to attend courses, seminars, conferences and reach out to professionals to keep current with trends and best practices. While teaching may on the surface seem to be the opposite of learning, in the last few years I’ve trained many people in the use of social media and feel I’ve learned from them as well.

I started writing html code, a computer language used solely for creating web pages, by hand in the late 1990s then moved on to Dreamweaver and since 2015 have been using WordPress with a variety of themes. I’ve created websites on several different hosting platforms, including Siteground, Pacific Internet, GoDaddy, and more. At one point I hosted websites on my own server farm. I’m quite familiar with the security and hosting environment that should be provided for any website and have been able to troubleshoot website issues for more than 20 years. Over my career I have created in excess of 100 different web sites.

Social media became popular years after websites were mainstream and I’ve made a concerted effort to learn about social media platforms from many different sources. 

I became part of the Office of Emergency Services (OES) core group around 2007, and I began to reach out to people and courses to learn more. Working in the Sheriff’s Office for nearly a dozen years taught me how important the chain of command is. It was an easy transition from there to understand the chain of command during an incident in the
Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The leader is responsible for all information shared inside and outside the agency.

Releasing information obtained from the wrong person, that is in conflict with the agreed upon direction and strategy  can cause chaos internally and externally. It can undermine confidence in direction and leadership when erroneous or inconsistent messaging is sent out to the public.


Experience & Qualifications

 During the many times I was part of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), I’ve had the opportunity to work with teams and to plan and deliver consistent messaging.

Some of the learning opportunities I’ve taken advantage of are listed below.

  •  CALFIRE Lightning Complex PIO staff–introduction to emergency communications in extreme rural areas (2008)
  • CA Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) 3 Day course intensive – Social Media – Benefits, Your Cybersecurity and Criminal Investigations (2013)
  •  FEMA – Certificate from FEMA for Social Media in Emergency Management (2013)
  •  “Ride‐a‐long” session with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Social Media Dispatch Center (first of its kind in the world. A group of social media dispatchers in a room 24/7, 8 persons per shift, monitoring social media at or near incidents around their county to glean information and assist field personnel with intelligence and information) (2013)
  • FEMA & National Disaster Preparedness Training Center ‐ Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery course (2013)
  • Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan Certificate of Completion (2013)
  • California State Fire Marshall Fire Service Training and Education Program IS‐300 Intermediate Incident
    Command System Course (ICS) (2014)
  • California Office of Emergency Services Standard Emergency Management Systems (SEMS) Course (2014)
  • California Office of Emergency Services one week Introduction to Emergency Management: Earthquake Course
  • YouTube Creator Academy Letter of Completion (2016)
  • Social Media Manager School (SMMS) Certificate of Completion (2015) (year long course)
  • James Wedmore 48Hr Film School Video Training (2016)
  • Visual Arsenal (2017)
  • Community Building Bootcamp (2018)
  • Government Social Media Social for Safety Conference (S4SConf) (2020)



  •  Social Media in County Government – paper
  •  How To Use Twitter In An Emergency – online course
  •  Mastering Hashtags – online course
  •  Hashtag Bible – book
  •  5 Day Instagram Challenge – online course
  •  Conversational Twitter – online course

I’ve created hundreds (or maybe thousands) of websites IN THE LAST COUPLE OF DECADES, but a few local sites that stand out to me include:


City of Ukiah

Updated overall design and added features to relieve staff of common and time‐consuming tasks.


Mendocino College

  • Updated overall design
  • Created portals for different departments to input their own information to take the burden off the Pubic Information Officer/Marketing Department
  • Made the entire site compliant with the American Disabilities Act of 1990


County of Mendocino

Various contracts with Social Services driven around organizing and publicizing their programs.


Bonterra Wines and later Ceago Wines with Jim Fetzer

Jim Fetzer was a pioneer in biodynamic/organic farming and wine‐making and I created his sites to reflect this new direction.


REBOL (the creator of Amiga)

Created a website from the ground‐up to feature a new computer language,”REBOL”, for Carl Sassenrath, an architect of operating systems and computer languages and creator of Amiga. Currently an principal engineer at Roku.


Zapcom Communications

Created a new modern site for the second largest internet service provider in Mendocino County at the time.


Community Resource Directory

This is the basis for today’s County 211 website.

I was given dozens of pamphlets and directories from multiple HHSA departments and programs and created a new website housed a large, secure online database that was used by staff and the public to find available services within the County and to make the County aware of redundancies within their system to streamline their programs.


Mendocino Winegrowers Alliance

Created a website with the objective of putting wines from Mendocino County on par with Sonoma and Napa County wines, including having their own recognized appellations and wine‐label designation.


Mendocino Lodging Association

Created a website that featured all lodging facilities in the county, with special emphasis on mom and
pop bed and breakfasts, incorporating an online booking system, which was quite new at the time.


Mendocino County Alliance

This was the destination marketing organization for Mendocino County.

I was thrilled to create the main website and then add sections as new festivals were created, and saw the fruits attract attention from movie producers, authors, and journalists from all over the state.


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